Goal for the Child

It is the goal of Reggio Bambini  to provide a safe, healthy, happy and stimulating environment for your child.  During their time at our centre we  make your children feel valued and included and give them every opportunity to develop to reach their full potential.

Goal for the Family

It is the goal of Reggio Bambini to establish strong relationships between a child’s home and the centre providing parents the opportunity to participate and contribute to  their child’s learning and development.  We will also provide parents with feedback and reports on their child’s progress.

Goal for the Curriculum

It is the goal of Reggio Bambini to provide a balance between free play and structured learning with an fun, exciting and challenging learning programme focussing on  the individual needs and incorporating the  individual  interests of your child.  This will encourage your child’s participation leading to retention of  learning and helping to develop their lifelong skills for future education.

It is the goal of Reggio Bambini for our creative arts environments to be available both indoor and outdoor promoting learning and discovery for children in a fun and enjoyable way with a large emphasis on the process rather than just the product of an activity.  Children experiment with clay, music, dance, paint and a variety of creative mediums as well as receiving an introduction to literacy, numeracy, science and technology.

The New Zealand curriculum “Te Whariki” is followed along with “Reggio Emilia” practices in early childhood education; two methods of learning which value each child’s individuality with the child’s interests, ideas, questions and experiences providing the catalyst for activities and learning experiences.

Goal for the Teachers

It is the goal of Reggio Bambini to provide an environment that is exciting, stimulating and organised for teaching staff to follow their passion, plan for professional development and become a great teacher.

Goal for the Community

It is the goal of Reggio Bambini to recognise and respect the multicultural and ethnic diversity of children, parents, families, teachers and the community and encourage collaboration where necessary for the benefit of a child attending the centre.

 Maori are acknowledged as the first people of New Zealand and we encourage an awareness and appreciation of the bi-cultural heritage of our country.

 Goal for the Environment

It is the goal of Reggio Bambini for our natural environment to provide opportunities full of discovery and exploration where a wide variety of learning opportunities and experiences within nature are valued and supported. The aesthetically pleasing environment provides opportunity for children to explore, create, discover and build on their knowledge, skills and understanding.  Education promoting reusing and recycling is also incorporated in our programme.



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